Internet Marketing Bizleads Virtual Summit 2022 - In this blog we are gonna talk about how to run a virtual summit that generates revenue and influence for you in your SaaS business. Read this blog till the end, we're gonna tell you how to get access to an exclusive resource. It's literally the worksheet with the one-page speaker invite template, the offer designer, the summit offers, like literally everything you're gonna need to absolutely crush your one-day virtual summit.

I'm gonna share with you how to get access to that. But more importantly, today, I want to talk about the five specific areas you need to focus on to make sure that your summit knocks it outta the park. Let's get into it.

    How to use virtual summits to gain credibility in your industry

    Virtual summits, if done right, allow you to build instant credibility very fast to an audience of ready to buy customers for your SaaS product that you can literally sell to on the summit. 

    So a lot of people don't realise this, but using an event to bring your potential buyers together to listen to speakers, that not even you, some of you guys are like, I'm not a really good speaker and I don't have anything to say. Fine, you don't need that to make this work. 

    Internet Marketing Bizleads Virtual Summit

    So if you ever struggle, like how do I recruit speakers? Or how do I design the summit? Or what needs to go into this? I'm going to share with you strategies to use virtual summits to absolutely crush your business growth.

    CREDIBILITY BUILDER (Internet Marketing Bizleads Virtual Summit)

    What I love about Internet Marketing Bizleads Virtual Summit is the ability to go from nothing, an unknown person, a nobody, you might be new to the industry you're in, to being one of the top thought leaders or at least people that come to mind when other folks think of the industry. 

    Doesn't matter if it's something hot, like Web 3.0 that's going on right now, or HR Tech, you can use virtual summits to build really great credibility. And the reason why is because you're leveraging the other speakers notoriety for yourself. The beauty of building a virtual summit is reaching out to people in your industry that are known for whatever area of the industry they're in, from your perspective. 

    It could be an author of a book. It could be somebody that's got a YouTube channel. It could be a speaker that's been on other stages, similar to the topic for your event. And bringing them to your stage, your platform, that you've created, that everybody understands, this is built by you, and you can insert your product name. 

    Internet Marketing Bizleads Virtual Summit 2022

    Then you get the credibility that's associated with those people. That to me, is a powerful idea. So where do you find these speakers? My three favourite place. Authors of blogs, so you can use medium or maybe your industry has a specific vertical blog

    So who's writing content? Who's producing videos on YouTube around the topic that your virtual summit's gonna be about? And, or, who are the authors, thought leaders in the space, people that have written books. All three categories of speakers are great to build your initial hit list of folks to reach out to.


    Now, here's the kicker that most people don't realise is the speakers you recruit, you need to qualify them. You need to ask them if they have an email list that they can market their session to, to let people in their world know that they're speaking at your event. 

    And that is a big part of what makes virtual summit so powerful, as not only a credibility builder, but as an audience builder. You can just ask them do you have an email marketing list that you've used to market your past speak engagements to? And how big is it?


    So the way I think about it is every summit has to have an offer that is a hundred percent aligned to the summit. So if you're doing a summit on losing 10 pounds, then the offer should be a way to fast track that. 

    So to me, the idea is whatever the benefit of the summit is, maybe it's to get your first hundred customers, maybe it's recruit your next three C level employees or whatever, the offer for the summit is usually if the tickets cost a hundred dollars, maybe the offers like $500, right? So five times the cost of the ticket is a way for people on the things.

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    So this comes back to deciding what should the title of your summit be. Where people typically make the mistake is going too wide. If they try to do something around health. Then they will put title like It's the health summit Or It's the SaaS summit.

    It's way better to focus on one aspect of the problem. So instead of just like a growth summit, we're gonna call it the Facebook customer demand summit, right. And make it very focused and specialised. Then all of your speakers are a hundred percent people that can speak to that thing. 

    It could be somebody that's all about Facebook videos, Facebook ads, Facebook copy, Facebook community, like literally all Facebook, everything, that just nails the singular focus. It cuts through the noise and it brings your ideal perfect ready-to-buy prospects to be able to sell your summit offer. 

    So that to me is, focus on one thing, have five to seven speakers speak on that one topic and just absolutely create the value for your audience. And that's how you have a winning summit without stressing yourself out, without trying to create a big sales event or a big event team. And just focusing all your energy on that one specific problem your market is having.


    In this blog we talked about how to run a virtual summit that generates revenue and influence for you in your SaaS business (Internet Marketing Bizleads Virtual Summit)

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