Travis Scott Height: You might've heard of Travis Scott before, But just how much do you know about him? Do you know his real name? or what group he's in? or How Tall is Travis Scott?. Let's check out few fun things you didn't know about Travis Scott!


    We all know most rappers use fake names that would look good in the celebrity world. Can't say we blame them really, Sometimes it's the best way to go. So since everyone already knew that, People were wondering what's Travis Scott's real name. Well, It's Jacques Webster!

    It definitely has a ring to it, Although we can see why he would choose something like Travis Scott for his rap persona. And while his name might sound french, He doesn't seem to be connected to any french origins. He's just lucky to have such an awesome real name!

    Travis Scott Height: How Tall is Travis Scott?

    How Tall is Travis Scott? Well, Travis is actually pretty tall. He's reported to be around 5'10, or, for those on the metric system, 177 centimeters. Travis Scott Height is also the same as some of the other celebrities you might know. They include Andre 3000, Puff Daddy, Chance The Rapper and A$AP Rocky

    Travis Scott Height

    Considering there are plenty of rappers that are shorter as well as taller than Travis, this seems to be a pretty good average height in the music world. And, in case you're wondering, Kylie is reported to be 5'6, or 167 centimeters.


    Travis was born in Houston, Texas, The birthplace of the one and only Beyonce. If that doesn't mean that he's destined to be amazing in the music business, we're not sure what does. Travis even brought his daughter Stormi to his family in Texas. 

    It's also been reported that he bought his mom a house in Missouri city, a suburb of Houston. In true Texan style, The family welcomed Stormi with open arms and threw a huge birthday bash for her. They included plenty of catered food and even had fried chicken and cornbread and waffles.


    That's right, Before there was Kylie, Travis dated Rihanna. The pair started dating in 2015, But things seemed to have gone south about a year later. After a lot of speculations, Travis himself confirmed that the two are indeed dating. 

    Travis Scott Rihanna

    He adorably said that he finds Rihanna absolutely inspiring and that she is his muse when it comes to creating music.


    Did you know that his musical talent was inherited? Travis comes from a musical family. His dad was a drummer and he also plays piano. But did you know that his grandfather actually had a master's degree in music composition and was a jazz composer? 

    The rapper says he gets his whole music theory from his dad and his grandad! It's no wonder travis has such an ear for music and can pretty much do just about any genre there is. 

    It looks like it clearly runs in the family and we just can't imagine what musical talent his daughter Stormi might have!


    Kylie isn't the only Jenner who's a huge fan of Travis Scott and has a soft spot for the dude. It's been reported that Kendall enjoyed his music for years.

    Way before him and Kylie even started dating. She was actually the one that attended his first album listening party back in 2015. 


    Did you know that Kylie and Travis have matching tattoos? They got them about two months after they started dating.

    Travis Kylie Butterfly Tattoos

    The celebrity couple got mini butterfly tattoos on their ankles. The butterfly symbol connects to Travis' track called "The Butterfly Effect" and the fact that we've seen numerous tweets of him calling Kylie his butterfly.


    Travis Scott was just a regular kid from Missouri and now he's a trend-setting musician and he was one of the most talked about celebrities of 2018. So how did this happen? 

    Travis had very humble beginnings that made him appreciate hard work and develop his musical talent. But while he was on that pursuit to stardom, Travis actually ended up homeless and broke at one point. 

    He also mentioned that he was on plenty of platinum albums and produced more than you know. But he says he likes to keep quiet about that success and just keeps on trying to make huge music industry moves.


    So far, he released two albums titled "RODEO" and "BIRDS IN THE TRAP SING MCKNIGHT". Both of those albums were certified platinum by the recording industry association of America

    How Tall is Travis Scott?

    His most successful singles include "GOOSEBUMPS" and "ANTIDOTE," Both of which went triple platinum. In the music industry, Going "Platinum" means you sold 1 million copies of your single or album which means both of his singles sold 3 million each, which is pretty impressive.

    So that's all for this blog. In this blog we've shared few fun facts about Travis Scott like Travis Scott Height, real name, relationship with Rihanna etc. 

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